CONFESS General Assembly

CONFESS hosted its first public General Assembly online on the Wednesday, 1st December 2021 from 09:00 UK Time.

Over 70 participants from Europe and beyond heard about the objectives and progress of the project.

Presentations from the meeting are available below.

9:00 – 9:40 Welcome and Introduction to the GA

9:00-9:10Jean-Noel Thepaut (Director of Copernicus department at ECMWF)Welcome 
9:00-9:20Magdalena A. Balmaseda (Project Leader)Introduction to the GA and practicalities

9:20-10:20 CONFESS in the Copernicus Context

9:20-9:50Hans Hersbach (ECMWF, invited)C3S Earth System Reanalyses: progress and planned evolution
9:50-10:20Antje Innes (ECMWF, invited)Updates to CAMS reanalyses activities and synergies with climate

10:30 – 12:00 WP1: Continental Surfaces Impact (soil & vegetation, land-use)

10:30-10:45Constantin Ardilouze (Meteo France)Overview of progress in WP1
10:45-11:00Souhail Boussetta (ECMWF)Task 1.1 Harmonization of Copernicus observational records with focus on vegetation
11:00-11:15Andrea Alessandri (CNR)Task 1.2. Implementation in HTESSEL/SURFEX to assess interannual variability
11:15-11:30Gildas Dayon (MeteoFrance)Task 1.3: Sensitivity of land surface conditions to dynamic vegetation
11:30-11:40Andrea Alessandri (CNR)Outreach and dissemination. Links to other international projects
11:40-12:00Questions and discussion

13:00 – 14:15 WP2  Aerosols in Troposphere and Stratosphere

13:00-13:15Roberto Bilbao (BSC)Overview of Progress in WP2
13:15-13:30Tim Stockdale (ECMWF)Task 2.1 Harmonization of CMIP6 and C3S/CAMS data with IFS (decadal variations)
13:30-13:45Angela Benedetti (ECMWF)Task 2.2. Capability to react to hazardous events: Biomass burning.  PART A: Experimental set up and Biomass Climatology
13:45-14:00Etienne Tourigny (BSC)Task 2.2 Capability to react to hazardous events: Biomass burning. PART B:  Empirical model for biomass burning emissions
14:00-14:15Tim Stockdale (ECMWF)Task 2.3 Capability to react to volcanic eruptions events
14:30-15:00Joao Teixeira (UK MetOffice, Invited)Coupling fire with vegetation  in the UK MetOffice Earth System Model
15:15-15:45Julia Green (University of Berkeley, Invited)Regional atmosphere-terrestrial biosphere feedbacks

15:45-16:15 WP3 Integration and testing in initialised forecast and multi-year integration and Final Discussion

15:45-16:00Lauriane Batte (Meteo France)Overview and progress: Experimental protocol
16:00-16:15Final discussion