Dr Retish Senan

Retish Senan is a Scientist in the Earth System Predictability Section of ECMWF’s Research Department. Having joined the Centre in 2016, he contributed to the development of a climate configuration of the ECMWF IFS-NEMO coupled model and has been responsible for maintaining and improving long multiyear experimentation capabilities of IFS. His interests include climate variability on sub-seasonal to interannual timescales and the impact of land-surface and cryosphere on seasonal predictability.​ He also focuses on the attribution of seasonal climate anomalies – their forecast error and predictability, as well as improving diagnostic tools for seasonal forecast verification.

In CONFESS, he will support ECMWF’s contribution to the implementation and evaluation of time-varying vegetation and land-cover boundary forcings and improved aerosol radiative forcing in seasonal re-forecasts and multiyear climate integrations.