Dr Annalisa Cherchi

Annalisa Cherchi  is senior scientist at ISAC-CNR since April 2020. She got a PhD in Geophysics at Bologna University (2004). She has experience in studies of climate variability and climate change with specific focus on the tropics and the monsoons. More recently, she has been involved in studies of the Arctic climate and its influence on mid-latitudes. In February 2018 she has been selected as Lead Author for the upcoming IPCC AR6 (Chapter 8 “Water cycle changes”). She is currently member of the Steering Committee of the “Global Monsoon Model Intercomparison Program (GMMIP)” within the framework of the next coupled models’ inter-comparison (CMIP6). At CMCC Foundation (her former employee), she has been PI in EU projects like CLARIS-LPB, INDO-MARECLIM and Blue-Action, and in charge of the Earth System Modelling activities (2015-2019). At ISAC-CNR she is currently involved in the international projects H2020 CONFESS and JPI-Oceans ROADMAP.