WP1 – Temporal variations of vegetation and land cover

AimWP1 will improve the representation of temporal variability of land cover and vegetation in future C3S reanalyses and seasonal forecasts. WP1 will produce consistent and harmonized vegetation related dataset of LC, LAI and FCOVER using state of the art satellite based observational datasets, and it will close the gap in modelling land-vegetation processes between approaches used in weather and climate predictions.

Approach and methodology: Different land related datasets across Copernicus C3S/CGLS Services will be harmonised and implemented in two different models for robust assessment. Prognostic vegetation schemes that simulate the phenological cycle will also be implemented. These developments will be benchmarked by their performance on long simulations of land conditions, using a variety of observational datasets. Results will be compared with reference simulations. The long simulations will be used as initial conditions for seasonal forecasts in WP3, which will provide the ultimate test for its operational feasibility.

Suitability of the research approach: WP1 will be using two of the C3S models to ensure a scalable and robust evaluation. Combining expertise in operational systems, modelling and evaluation ensures the transferability of research into operational use, as well as its sustainability.

Measures for Success of the Work Package/ KPIs:

  • New LAI and LC datasets from Copernicus, harmonized, integrated and benchmarked in production systems (ECMWF and MF)
  • Prognostic vegetation models integrated and benchmarked in two production systems (ECMWF and MF)
  • Multi-year land initial conditions with new vegetation components delivered (ECMWF and MF).