Meteo-France Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques

The CNRM department is responsible for conducting the largest part of the Météo-France research activities in weather forecasting, climate modelling, climate prediction, atmospheric chemistry, land-surface processes including snow related processes, and oceanography. CNRM has a long history within the climate research community and contributes to the successive IPCC reports.

Météo-France is involved in CONFESS workpackages 1 and 3. The CONFESS project concerns the CNRM climate group, and more particularly the team in charge of designing the Meteo France sub-seasonal and seasonal forecast systems, as well as upstream research on sub-seasonal to interannual climate predictability.
In Météo-France dynamical forecast systems, the land-cover and vegetation are represented rather roughly, despite growing evidence of their considerable impact on climate variability at various timescales.

The use of appropriate Earth observation dataset in CONFESS will allow the Météo-France prediction systems to incorporate a more realistic land-cover and time evolving vegetation, with an expected positive impact on the climate predictive skill.

The climate prediction team is in charge of research in numerical predictability at monthly to interannual scales. It uses for this purpose the coupled global climate system model CNRM-CM. It contributes to the improvement of the model by studying the sensitivity to resolution or physics at this scale. In an international framework, it evaluates in a robust way the quality of the forecasts, as well as the sources of predictability (ocean, surfaces, teleconnections). The team is also in charge of producing monthly and seasonal forecasts up to seven months ahead, and thus contributes to Météo-France’s climate services.