Variations in Land Cover

Faithful representation of temporal variations of land cover in the next generation of C3S climate reanalyses (ERA6 and beyond) and seasonal forecasts and reforecasts.

→ Improvements in monitoring and forecasting of temperature and hydrological trends and extremes over land

Achieved by:

  • Implement the capability within Earth System Models framework to ingest temporal variations of land use and land cover using the C3S/CGLS Land Cover dataset (!/dataset/satellite-land-cover?tab=doc ) and the Land-Use Harmonized datasets (Hurtt et al. 2006)
  • Conduct stand-alone and coupled multi-year simulations to evaluate their potential impact when used to initialize seasonal forecasts, using a multi model approach to assess robustness and uncertainties.
  • Process evaluation of developments by using a variety of land informative observations
  • Assess developments in seasonal forecasts, with focus on representation of trends, anomalies and extremes.

Addressed in work packages: WP1 and WP3