Consistent temporal treatment

Consistent temporal treatment of aerosol radiative forcing by harmonizing CMIP6 and CAMS datasets. 

→ Ensuring consistent and state of the art temporal variations of radiative forcing in ERA6 and seasonal forecast/reforecasts, to enable the best representation of both the mean state and large-scale low-frequency variability and trends, thus enhancing C3S monitoring, prediction and attribution capabilities.

Achieved by:

  • Create a merged dataset, based on the latest CMIP6 specifications and the best estimate of present-day conditions from CAMS, that can be used both for reanalyses, re-forecasts and real-time forecasting systems.
  • Validation of the dataset, including comparison with CMIP6.
  • Evaluation of impact of the merged data sets in integrations of a seasonal forecast system, with a focus on representation of trends and large-scale low frequency variability.

Addressed in work packages: WP2 and WP3