Closing the Gap

Close the gap in modelling land-vegetation processes for short-term prediction by implementing prognostic vegetation models that can be used in seasonal forecast and future reanalyses system (beyond ERA6)

→ Increasing consistency in the water and carbon cycles.

→ Improving reliability of seasonal forecasts.

→ Preparing assimilation of vegetation related parameters.

→ Preparing inclusion of vegetation-fires-carbon feedbacks

Achieved by:

  • Improved model parametrisation based on prognostic vegetation development state (Leaf Area Index) that enables further consideration of the vegetation dynamics in two different land models (CHTESSEL and SURFEX).
  • Conduct multi-year stand-alone land simulations.
  • Evaluation of all-year-round impact of time varying LAI on the land water reservoirs and fluxes: soil moisture, snowpack, evaporation and river-discharges using available observations.
  • Assess impact of those developments in seasonal forecast skill and predictability.

Addressed in work packages: WP1 and WP3